Chat / Community FAQ

What software is used for the VIP Chat?

The chat is built on the chatroom software called Discord. Be sure to download and register this software so that when you register, you can follow the instructions on the Settings page to enter the chat without issue.

Will I be able to speak with Joseph Alai?

Because of his practice in manifesting, his life has gotten very big and busy. He always enjoys being able to interact and chat with others, and tries to be present as much as his busy schedule allows.

In the Discord Community, there are also appointed admins and other members who are constantly active in the Discord Community. The goal is to make as many connections as possible to share information, techniques, ideas, and experiences no how to manifest effectively. Joseph Alai does answer questions and communicate in the VIP Discord Chat, as his schedule allows. It is possible to Direct Message Questions to Joseph in the Discord Community if permission is granted.

Also, Joseph Alai has made available hundreds of videos with excruciating details on manifesting. Those questions asked which have already been answered in great detail will likely be directed to a resource to learn more about that question.

How do I get into the VIP Chat?

After you have registered and become a member of the VIP Program, and have a Subscription Level which grants access to the VIP Community, you can access the chat from the Dashboard.

{info} The application, "Discord", is not related in any way or connected to the VIP Program, and is a Third Party application. Therefore, your credentials from the VIP Program will not work on Discord, so you must register separately on

  1. Register for Discord
  2. Download and install the chat application from Discord.
  3. Log in to the VIP Dashboard
  4. Go to the Settings Page.
  5. Click the Profile tab.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom, and follow the instructions to enter the chat!

What's in it?

The Chat is filled with different chat rooms which contain different topics to talk about with other members of the VIP Program.

Some of these chats include:

  • Specific Person
  • Money Matters
  • Health
  • Mysticism
  • Revision
  • Success Stories
  • Affirmations
  • Venting
  • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Manifesting Ideas
  • Dreams
  • Bridge of Incidents
  • Mental Diet

You are able to chat with others, post pictures, comment on other messages, ask questions, share techniques, stories, ideas, stresses, roadblocks, and ultimately bond together to help each other attain each other's goals.